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Last updated 9 Jul 2024
Camira Recreation Reserve - Field 1Open
Camira Recreation Reserve - Lower FieldOpen
Kippen Park Field 1Open
Kippen Park Field 2Open
Kippen Park Field 3Open

Wet Weather


In the event of wet weather, please refer to the Coach & Managers Heja group or the Western Spirit Facebook or Instagram pages for confirmation if a game and/or training session has been cancelled.

The Clubs Facebook page will endeavour to provide an update on the status of home fields by 7:00am on a Saturday morning. Additionally, the Club will advise Club coaches who will contact teams, as soon as possible of any cancellations. 

The best advice is DO NOT LEAVE HOME without checking Facebook if it has been raining, even if the skies are blue. Heja and Facebook will always our first port of call; notifications can be sent on some occasions via SMS to your phone for immediate notification. If you are still unsure contact the Junior Manager.

Why we close our fields.

Primarily for player safety, but also for field preservation. Our fields are precious and damage to them (especially early in the season) can have detrimental effects on the playing surface. If we can limit unnecessary degrading, we not only are ensuring it lasts for the entire season, but it also protects our Club players from being seriously injured because of an unsafe pitch being used.

Additionally, our fields are owned and managed by Ipswich City Council, and we are obligated to follow their directions on field closures. The Club is liable for repair costs when fields are damaged as a result of wet weather play. The Club endeavours to communicate this information as swiftly as possible in all circumstances, but it is never an easy process. We appreciate your patience during these unforeseeable circumstances.

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